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Although the Foundation has only recently been officially recognised under Chilean law, the team behind it has been working hard for over a year to support the island school.

Our achievements include:

  • The donation of a state-of-the-art language lab, worth US $ 30, 000.
  • A four-month stay by a native English teacher to provide English-language instruction.
  • The donation of equipment including printers, industrial cleaning equipment and a PA system in order to keep the school up and running smoothly.
  • The provision of equipment, uniforms and instruments for the school's band.
  • Logistical support for "Crusoe Bots 2.0," the school's First Lego League Chile team.  
  • Sending a group of firemen to the island to donate equipment and train local fire -fighters with the aim of setting up the first ever on-island fire service.  
  • In conjunction with the British Embassy, a donation of medical supplies for a medical mission to the island.

    At present, we are contributing know-how to the construction of an environmentally-friendly education facility as well as other programs.  We coordinate closely with the school’s headmistress/principal over precise needs, so that our donations are demand-led and never unwanted or duplicatory.